January 28, 2013

Your Wedding Party


The happy couple is getting married and now it’s planning time. The bride and groom will be choosing their wedding party. You can choose to have a very large wedding party or you can keep it much more simple and small. Your wedding is going to be such a glorious occasion and planning it should be fun and stress free, but that’s not always the case. When picking your closest friends & family that will help you through all of the planning then stand up there by your side, make sure to keep everyone’s feelings in mind as well. This will help things go much more smoothly when your special day arrives.


Your wedding party can consist of a maid of honor for the bride. The maid of honor is a very special part of the bride’s big day. She will play many roles while planning the wedding, showers, bachelorette party all the way to helping with lots of little things during the wedding & reception. She may also help with moral support when the bride has any “OMG” moments (lol). Then you have the bride’s maids to stand up with you as well. They play a very important role in the wedding as well and you can have as many as you want. Just try to stay with a budget when picking out dresses and attire for your wedding party because you don’t want to break their bank for them to take part on this memorable day.


Now the groom will pick his best man to play the same role as the maid of honor for the bride and as many groomsmen to escort the brides maids. You may also choose to have a ring bearer to carry those gorgeous rings to the bride & groom and a flower girl to make a path of beautiful pedals down the aisle. The bride will also choose who will give her away when she makes her entrance to her new life. There are no rules and regulations when choosing how to join your lives together, so whatever you choose make sure it’s very special for everyone!


The big day is coming to an end and everything was wonderful and amazing. Don’t forget say a special little thanks to everyone who helped and joined in on your special occasion. Sometimes it’s a nice gesture to give a small gift or token of your appreciation to the special people in your life that helped make things go so smoothly. Also take lots of pictures and video so you have something to look back on years down the road and to share with friends & family!

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