January 16, 2019

8 Mistakes That People Make When Exchanging Vows

Exchanging vows between couples is the most crucial parts of every wedding. Before exchanging the vows, the couple shares their promises. Below are 8 Shocking Things People Said in Their Vows which they ended up regretting.

1. Talking about your Ex

“When writing my vows, I was thinking about my previous relationships. I went ahead to mention the relationship I had with my ex-girlfriend and the things that led to the breakup.” – Ben H., 38

2. Talking about sex

“I mentioned a lot of things that I like including house chores and I went ahead to talk about oral sex which surprised both my guests and my wife.”-Henry P., 35

3. What I want when I die

“Weddings are meant to be a happy and exciting event, but mine was not. In my vows, I included about my death, how he should react and the plans I had for him.” –Marissa H., 35

4. When divorce knocks

“During our vows, I understood that talking about divorce was not the right thing, but I went ahead.” – Chris W., 45

5. Unsettled Argument

“Before the wedding day, I argued with my wife, and I brought up the issue before the guests who have attended our wedding.” – Dover K., 34

6. Talking about financial issues

“I told him that I would love him forever if he loved me through my untidy hair, my traditional style, and my credit card debt, which he had no idea of such a thing.” –Claire W., 28

7. Losing a job

“I talked about how I got fired from my job, and my wife did not take it seriously when I looked at her during the vows.” –Tom W., 35

8. Talking about cold feet

“I began my vows by stating about my honesty regarding my cold feet. She later requested me to avoid saying such things in public” –Roy F., 29

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