January 17, 2019

5 Tools to Make Your Wedding Guests Lives Easier

Planning your guest list is one of the most difficult parts when planning a wedding. After deciding the people you want to invite, you should send the invites so that your guests can start preparing to attend your wedding.
When you have everything ready for your guests, you will start getting inquiries from the guests. Your guests face a lot of difficulties as they plan to attend your wedding. Here are 5 Tools to Make Your Wedding Guests’ Lives Easier as they prepare to attend your wedding.
1. Create a wedding website
Creating a wedding website is very vital when planning for your wedding. The site should have full details about your wedding such as the date, location, time and pre-wedding. To make it interesting, you can let the guests know about your love story, indicate the theme of the wedding and talk about the wedding party.
2. Remind them to RSVP
Most guests will be excited to open your wedding invitation but later forget send their RSVP card. To eliminate this headache, you should come up with an online platform such as an app that will allow your guests to send their RSVP cards immediately they receive the invitation.
3. Create a portable itinerary
As days get closer to the wedding, your guests will bombard you with various questions. You can avoid these questions by coming up with a portable itinerary to send your guests the wedding program.
4. Share photos in an organized way
During your weddings, the guests will be snapping photos until the end of the day. You should consider a platform where they can share their photos in an organized manner. Some of the programs you can use for photo sharing include Google Drive and Wed Pics.
5. Inform them about your registryThe guests should have an easy way of finding out the kind of gifts you want. You should avail the registry on your website for the guests to see.

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