Wedding Loans & Finance Programs

Special financing available for all wedding expenses, including wedding rings, honeymoons and more.​

​Our loan programs allow you to focus on the details that will make your special day perfect without having to be consumed by your budget. Don't rely on high-interest credit cards! Now you finally have another option.

LOANS UP TO $35,000

Quick decisions. Receive your funds in as little as 3 days.

Use the money any way you need to with no restrictions.

Unlike loans for a home or car, your personal wedding loan can be used for any type of expense you may encounter. Some of the more common things people do with their wedding loans include:


Dreaming of an exotic honeymoon? Book with confidence and well in advance.


Have your sights on the perfect rings but they are outside your budget? We've got your back.

Little Things

There are a lot of details and a lot of vendors. Have the resources to handle every little detail.

Could you use a wedding loan up to $35,000?

When you first announce your big day, spirits are high and the outlook is bright. It isn’t until you start working on the details of your wedding that you realize that you might fall a little short on budget.

A wedding loan from can help you worry less about budget and more about the important details that will make your special day perfect. If, like many couples, you feel you might be a little tight on cash and want to avoid racking up debt on high-interest credit cards, using our special wedding financing might be the best choice for you.

How Our Wedding Loans Work

Our special program is set up as a personal loan, so that you can use the funds for whatever you would like.  Honeymoon Financing, Engagement Ring Financing or just some extra cash to make sure you can cover all of your vendors. It's up to you!

Everyone’s situation is different, that is why we feel our program is one of the most flexible options for couples starting out. Even if you feel you have enough cash to handle the expenses, do you really want to be budget conscious on your honeymoon?

Another thing to consider is that once you start your wedding planning journey, a lot of small things will start to add up… really fast. It’s these “little” things that sometimes seem to just multiply. We help you avoid the stress of it all by funding your wedding loan in as little as 3 days.


Our online application takes only a couple of minutes to complete and we gurantee a quick decision on your loan.