January 10, 2019

What Do Guys Actually Want a Say In?

What Do Guys Actually Want a Say In?

When planning a wedding with your fiancé have you ever wondered What Do Guys Actually Want a Say In?

Some guys do not want to be part of the wedding. But,they do complain about the cost of the wedding expenses. While others, are actively involved in the wedding plans with no complaints. It is difficult to know the kind of person your partner is, unless you have been living together for some time.


When planning a wedding, if one partner contributes more than the other, they will most likely have more to say in the wedding planning. When another person pays for the wedding expenses, a guy will feel sidelined, and they will not be able to express themselves in their wedding. You should be careful when it comes to paying the bills since you can lose the guy at this point.

Consider His Decisions

If your partner is not actively involved in making big decisions, such as location and date, let him choose the areas he is comfortable. Most guys will want to engage themselves in wedding plans that they are familiar with and things they are interested in handling. For your fiancé to have a say and take part in the wedding plans, consider his decisions even if you do not like them.

You might think that your partner is not as enthusiastic as you during the wedding preparations. However, this is not true as they will be enthusiastic but will not express it openly. Your fiancé might feel like they are not part of the wedding when you do not consider their ideas. When this happens problems between the couple arises which leads to the cancellation of the wedding.

Therefore, when you ask the question;

What Do Guys Actually Want a Say In? You should think about the things that your fiancé is into and those that do not interest him.

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