January 22, 2013

Planning Your Wedding Day


He pops that wonderful questions, you answer with a yes & now all of the fabulous planning begins. You start by announcing your engagement to all of your family and friends. Some couples choose to send out a formal announcement to share their happy engagement news, so you will start by picking out the perfect one to show your love for each other to share. Next it will be on to picking the date. Once you’ve picked the date for your special day it’s time to begin. There are so many things to decide when planning your wedding. Some may choose to keep it very simple or some may want to go a little more extravagant and have a longer engagement to perfect every last detail of their wedding.


Make sure when you’re getting started to plan your wedding budget because a lot will depend on it. Now it’s time to pick that special spot to say your vows and start your life together. First decide how large your wedding will be from the wedding party to the guests that attend. Do you want to go with a more traditional church wedding or a more romantic outdoor event out in nature or at a beautiful beach? Either one you decide will be absolutely spectacular with lasting memories for all to cherish.


Once you have picked the perfect place to tie the knot you will want to pick what kind of reception you want to have. Some couples hold their reception at the same place they were wed, if not you want to keep it fairly easy to go from the wedding to the reception for you and all of your guests. It could be a formal sit down dinner or a more casual fun buffet, whichever you choose you have to pick out the perfect food items you will be serving as well. Another thing to think about is if you will have an open or cash bar. Will you have a DJ or a live band? How about your flowers, you could go real or silk. Do you want a professional photographer or sometimes it’s fun to let family & guests take the photos. There are also lots of wedding party favors to think about such a personalized napkins, matches, candies, etc. There will be lots of planning, decisions and lots of fun memories.


So whatever you choose for your special day to begin your life together and however you share it with the ones you love will be amazing no matter what. Make sure to enjoy every minute of it and don’t forget that it’s about your love and not just the wedding itself and just relax & enjoy!

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