January 15, 2013

Weddings and the Seasons

The season you choose to have your wedding will say a lot about your special day. In the end it’s your day and you can plan it however you want for this most memorable occasion in your life. But if you’re trying to stay with the more traditional planning, the season of your wedding can determine many different things when saying your vows from the time of day, colors, attire, the flowers and much, much more.


So are you a spring, summer, fall or winter season wedding? Do you like the light & bright pastels of spring & summer? Or are you more about the deep rich tones of fall & winter? Some may have a day and time of the year that holds a special place or memory that is very dear to them to plan around. So whatever you decide, choosing your wedding date is the first wonderful step in planning this life changing event & one of the most wonderful memories you will have.


So whatever season you pick for your special day, make sure to cherish every moment from planning your day, right up to the moment you walk down the aisle and into your new exciting life. Also remember pictures, pictures, pictures & videos so you, your hubby & possibly future family can look back on your wedding like it was just yesterday and cherish all of those special memories of where it all began.


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