February 4, 2013

Your Wedding Budget

When you get started planning that wonderful occasion, your wedding, make sure before you dive right in that you plan a wedding budget. You will be very happy that you planned a budget because there are so many different things to plan for. Just sit down and break down everything from the parties before your big day, all the way to your honeymoon. Planning and sticking to a budget will make everything so much easier and a lot more stress free in the end for everyone.


There are many ways to plan your wedding budget depending on who will be helping out with the expenses. In many cases the bride or groom’s parents will be taking care of many of the wedding expenses and taking much of the money strain off of the newly married couple. But in other instances the bride and groom may be on their own with all of the wedding bills. You should also keep your wedding party’s expenses in mind as well. Don’t forget that your family and friends who will be taking part in this special day want to enjoy your day too. Your wedding party does not want to go broke by standing by your side on your fabulous day. So remember to make it very fun, memorable and affordable for them as well.


When budgeting out your wedding there are many things to consider. First you need to pick out the announcements and those “oh so special” wedding invitations to share your glorious news with everyone. You will be planning for things such as where you will say your vows, where you will have your reception, the wedding attire, will you have a sit down dinner or buffet, will you choose silk flowers or real, if you should go with a band or a DJ, if you should have an open or a cash bar, the fabulous wedding cake, pictures, pictures, pictures and OMG the list goes on. There are also things like wedding favors such as engraved napkins, matched or maybe even M&M’s, just have a blast choosing what kind of wedding you both want to have. Make sure you have lots of fun planning your wedding and make it a most wonderful day to always remember.


So take a deep breath, plan your budget and most definitely enjoy every minute of planning your new life as a couple and everything will be as magnificent as you dreamed it would be. You want to have many wonderful memories when starting out your new life together, but you don’t want to start out your new loving marriage in debt!

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