February 14, 2013

Small and Intimate or Big and Extravagant

OMG… he popped that oh so special question that so many women can’t wait to hear and now it’s time to start planning that fabulous occasion, your wedding. So have you decided what type of wedding both of you have always dreamed of and imagined you would be having? Will your wedding be a small intimate occasion with just a few of your closest, nearest & dearest friends and family members or have you decided to have a super large extravagant all out blow out when the both of you tie the knot and join your lives together? Or maybe the special couple may just want to share their vows with each other in a romantic solo ceremony with just themselves or possibly elope and make it a spontaneous moment & memory.


Whatever type and size wedding ceremony you choose to have will be just perfect because it will be just how you want it. If you choose to go with a smaller more intimate setting whether it be that you like it a little quieter and simple or maybe it’s just to stay within a certain budget, there is still planning to do. If you are trying to stay within your budget but have lots of guests you want to include on your special day than you can always have a larger reception or dinner party afterwards or on another day to gather everyone together to share in your occasion.


If you are going with the larger more extravagant wedding than you have lots to plan for such as announcements, dinners, parties, the ceremony all the way down to the reception and more. It is still a very good idea to start by planning out everything and making a budget to stick to so you don’t go much more extravagant than you wanted. There are a lot more events and dinners to plan for as well. There are also many things to include in the wedding ceremony and at the reception to make it a grand occasion for everyone involved and everyone just attending the beginning of the bride and groom’s new life together.


So however the happy couple decides to start the journey of the rest of their lives together it will be a magnificent and memorable moment. Make sure every moment of every minute of it is enjoyed and you will most definitely treasure it all forever and ever. Don’t forget that if you ever want to go back in time and relive some of those romantic and joyous memories you can look back on all of your videos and pictures of the day you became one.

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