February 20, 2013

Traditional or Original Vows

So that big day in a couple’s life is coming and there are so many decisions to make. Sometimes all the decision when planning to join your lives together can get a little bit overwhelming. Remember it’s your day and take a deep breath and make a plan. One of the decisions you will both have to make is whether to stick to the traditional vows in a traditional wedding ceremony or if you want to come up with your own original ones to express and personalize how you feel on this most special day in your life. Marriage vows are the promises that each partner will make to each other during their wedding ceremony, their feelings for each other and pretty much whatever else you want to say to the love of your life.


A lot of people will say that the more traditional wedding vows are the most popular used during a wedding ceremony but it’s up to that special couple and how they decide that they want to express their love to each other. If you decide that you both want to stay with the traditional vows that have been so famously popular over many decades than there are a few different variations to choose from. So even staying with tradition you can still somewhat fit your vows to your individual thoughts and feelings. Now some may think the traditional vows can be a little bit dull or old fashioned, but when they are said by two people so deeply and truly in love there is nothing more spectacular and lovely to witness.


Some happy love struck couples will decide to write their own vows that come straight from the heart. Writing your own vows will give a much more personalized feel to the way you want to express your love in your own words. Writing your own vows may come a little easier for some and some may have to put some special thought into getting just the right words out that are locked away so deep in your heart. Don’t worry, the perfect vows will come to you in that special way you feel and be absolutely beautiful when you say them to each other as you become husband and wife.


So whatever you decide, traditional or writing your own original vows full of promises and feelings to share with each other, it will be one of the most precious moments and wonderful memories you can hold near and dear in heart for the rest of your lives.

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