January 1, 2019

Crazy Pre-Wedding Family Drama

When planning for a wedding there is so much you have to deal with. From food to picking a dress and dealing with pre-wedding family drama is the last thing any couple would ask for. But that does not mean it will not be there. In the modern world where standards are set through the internet it is only fair for a bride to feel insecure about their family issues. Relatives’ fighting in a wedding video is not something any bride would sign up for let alone post it for the world to see. Below are just some things you must have to deal with prior to your wedding and exactly how to deal with them.

1. Parents who are not together and don’t get along

Not everyone is lucky enough to have parents who can stand to be together in the same room by choice. There are people whose parents have not spoken to each other for years. Having those same parents walk you down the aisle and sit through the wedding together might be a challenge. Chances of a confrontation happening anytime are always high and you really don’t want that.

How to handle it

First off be as fair and neutral as possible. Create situations that will increase the chances of you having a drama free wedding. For example if any of your parents remarried the partner should not competing for the privileges of the other parent. Do not compare parents or their contributions because everyone contributes to a wedding differently.

2. Monetary issues

Sometimes a parent may decide to write their will just before the wedding. Like always someone will feel shortchanged and at other times someone will be left out of the will completely. Such family drama will obviously find its way to the wedding.

How to handle it

Sometimes we just have to accept that not everything can be under our control. In cases such as that we just do what we can and let everything else be. In this case be fully aware of anything that may create drama but do not let it shape the mood of the wedding. Be a happy bride and your attitude will determine everyone else’s.


Family drama will always be there. Yours is to handle it the best way you can and be happy the rest will just have to fall into place by itself.

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