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December 21, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Include Kids in Your Upcoming Wedding

The basic things that make a wedding memorable include great music, exceptional catering service, and a cool venue. As you’re planning your wedding, you need to focus more on the things that will entertain your guests. In this case, consider exempting kids from accessing the venue and reception. Here are valid reasons you should do this.

You Want Your Guests to Have Fun

Kids may have mood swings and dirty diapers, which make your ceremony less fin to attend. They can also make you or your guests feel uncomfortable especially if you want to stay out late and enjoy alcoholic drinks. Consider leaving them with the nanny during this special day.

You Want to Avoid Having Noisy Kids around the Venue

Having kids around your venue can be a bit tricky if you want to have a smooth running wedding. The children may make noises or run around the site as the ceremony proceeds. Such interruptions can distract your guests from witnessing you and your spouse exchange marriage vows.

You Want to Avoid Additional Expenses

As you budget for your upcoming wedding, you need to consider things like the catering services, venue, and transportation. If you decide to include children in the guest list, you should plan for more finances. With kids around, you’ll need more food and snacks to keep them active and happy. You’ll also need to spare a playing ground, which may be costly to set up, for them.

Summing Up

Always remember that the top priorities for your wedding ceremony are food, music, and drinks. Including kids to your priority list may make the event less memorable for the guests. You’ll also have to spend more time worrying about the kids than making your friends and relatives feel comfortable. Avoid having them at your event since you may have guests that don’t like children.


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