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February 27, 2012

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: When is the Best Time for Your Wedding?

When is the best time of year to have your wedding? In general, for weather reasons, having your ceremony any time of year except in the winter is a safe bet. The winter wedding can cause problems just for the fact that it snows. That really is not that hard to figure out, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wedding during winter months. The problem with snow storms is the effect that it can have on travel plans for your guests. The real question comes down to when you as a couple want to have your wedding. A nice spring wedding is always nice; the warmer weather after a long winter gets everybody excited about your wedding. A wedding in the summer is usually hassle free; you just have to worry about rain. An autumn wedding can be spectacular due to the many fall colors you can incorporate into your event. If you are cost conscious about your wedding, plan it during off peak travel times are when flowers are going to be the cheapest. Her are a few tips for each time of year.


Like I mentioned earlier, travel is your main concern when you plan your wedding during this time of year. An unexpected blizzard can really mess things up for you on your day. Try to plan your wedding early or late in the winter and try not to have it too close to the holidays. Many people will have trouble attending your wedding around the holidays as they have so many things going on during this time of year.


There is nothing nicer than a wedding in May. The trees are coming back to life, the flowers are blooming. Just be aware that travel expenses will be slightly higher during this time of year. Spring equals “Spring Break” and this is traveling season. Airfares will be higher and if you are having your wedding near a place where vacations are popular, you may have trouble finding hotel rooms for your out of town guests.


This is the best time to hold an outdoor wedding. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case the weather does not want to cooperate with you on your big day. It can get very hot during this season, so make sure you have a place for people to cool down if the entire wedding and reception are going to be held outside.


The cooler air and the leaves all changing colors can be a dramatic focal point for your wedding day. A nice late afternoon outdoor ceremony followed up by an indoor reception is the perfect idea for this time of year. You can decorate with all of the fall colors and themes.

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