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February 20, 2012

Turning You Wedding Day into an Event that People Will Remember Forever

What can you do to make sure your wedding is an extremely memorable event? There are several different ways to make your big day be a day not to forget. A theme for your wedding day is always a sure way to make it memorable. Having your wedding at a special place can leave people talking for years after you’ve been married. Here are a few memorable weddings that I have attended.

My father owned a large parcel of land that was used to grow hay for the local cows. It had one little barn on the property and was out in the middle of nowhere. My brother decided that it would be a great place for his wedding. We mowed the hay to make a large area for the ceremony and reception. Used hay bales for pews, built the dance floor from plywood and put a big tent over it. The wedding party was carried to the ceremony on a trailer with an old tractor. It was such a good time. Everybody was dressed in gowns and tuxedos for the ceremony, and then switched to country attire for the reception.

I had the pleasure of attending a beach themed wedding and it was one I will never forget. Everyone was dressed in Hawaiian shirts, sun dresses and sandals. The mood was so relaxed and everybody had such a good time. Tropical drinks, a roasting pig and reggae music made the night so enjoyable that nobody wanted it to end.

A friend of mine was married in a castle on Long Island and this is a day I will never forget. The ambiance was extremely formal and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The castle was built over two hundred years ago, but maintained its elegance. It made everybody feel as if they were attending a Royal wedding.

I thought this last memory might have been a little more special to me, but people still talk about it to this day. I was the best man at my brother’s wedding and wanted to do something special for the toast. I had obtained a bunch of old keys and gave them out to all of the men that were at the reception, except for the males from the bride’s family. I started out with your typical toast and then when I was finishing up, I told the bride that she had to start her new life with my brother. I asked all the men to please give back the key to her old apartment. One by one, everybody started getting up and handing in their “key” to her apartment; the last being my embarrassed grandfather. It was a big laugh.

All in all you have to have fun. You may have seen the video of the bridal party dancing down the aisle at the ceremony or a pet being the ring bearer. Anything different can make your big day one not to forget.

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