February 13, 2012

How to Make it Easy for Out of Town Friends/Family

I would like to share some information with you about my sister’s wedding that I attended last summer. I was traveling from Florida to New York for this wedding and found out that she had planned everyone’s weekend down to the minute.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a Town Car that took us to our hotel on Long Island. I was thinking to myself, “Great, we are stuck here for the weekend!” it wasn’t that bad due to her pro actions.

We were greeted at the hotel with a big basket of chocolates, fruit, and toiletries that we may have forgotten in out travels, plus an itinerary of what all of the guests would be doing before the wedding. It was literally a reception before the reception.

We all knew where to go within the hotel to meet and greet before the wedding ever happened. It made our entire weekend. I know that this venture cost my little sister a bit of money, but you can take some of these ideas and make them work for your own good.

If you have out of town guests, introduce them quickly and put them together as soon as soon as possible. They will connect and form friendships that will make them enjoy your wedding much more. I met a few different couples and had a blast with them for two days before the wedding ever took place.

Make sure you give your out of Towner’s a quality experience; they have spent the money to see you get married. The people that are traveling to your wedding are not going to be looking for you to entertain them, but if you can arrange a “meet and greet” it helps them feel so more comfortable.

Everyone knows about that wedding day, when you have little groups of people huddled by each other. This is not the way to do it!! You want to have everyone getting involved with each other on your wedding day. The sooner they meet and get to know each other, the better.

Make sure you book your entire out of Towner’s in the same hotel/motel and introduce them to each other as quickly as possible. Once you know that your guests have arrived, if you follow my plan, you can relax and let them get to know each other. They will make friends on their own.

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