January 29, 2016

What You Need To Know About Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding is a one in a lifetime event. This requires you to have fun on this day. To make the day entertaining a good DJ for your reception ought to be hired to play good music for you and your guests. Consider the following before hiring one.

Price- The price the DJ charges should correspond with the services and experience. Bottom feeders have no quality service and beat other experienced DJ with their low prices.

Hidden Fees- Extra services attract extra charges. Get proper clarification on things like travel charges, time period and assistance required in the event before hiring one.

Experience- Experienced DJs have no issues with equipment setup. They save up time and ensure the general flow of the event is as planned.

Equipment- Most DJ equipment must be excellent depending on the DJ you intend to hire. However, check for details like clarity of his or her speakers’ sounds and take notes from one DJ to another.

Backup Plan- This mainly touches on equipment incase there is a break down; the DJ can use a second equipment so as not to end the reception party without music.

Good Command of Your Language- It’s embarrassing to use inappropriate language on the microphone since you will likely have guests with different ages. Your wedding reception should not be remembered as the embarrassing one.

Handling of Music Requests- Your DJ ought to have music that matches your guests’ request. However, this should be done in advance to avoid interrupting the playlist.

Ability to Pull the Crowd- Your DJ’s personality and energy are vital in keeping your guests alive, motivated and entertained through pout the reception.

License and Insurance- Most countries have regulated their entertainment industry where DJs are advised to take licenses and liability covers. Your reception should not be interrupted with arrests for hiring a DJ who is not licensed to play music in events.

Insist on a Service Contract- Your event should look legal and using a contract is one of the ways of safeguarding your future from legal battles.

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