September 11, 2012

Cultural Differences

Many times when planning a wedding you have to deal with different cultures and beliefs. This can be tricky to try to accommodate all of the alternative wants and needs to make everyone happy. Hopefully, your families have meshed well beforehand, but many times, this is just not the case.

As a couple, you have probably already have had to overcome the obstacles of trying to blend your families different values and ideals and they have come to accept the two of you as a couple and will share your happiness with both of you and your loved ones. The issue can be when you bring these differences together to celebrate your matrimony.

There may be problems with the elderly members of your families, they are usually stuck in their ways and are not open to change. Don’t underestimate the abilities of the older people to deal with change. It’s just harder for them to accept it. Explain the differences and qualities of the new cultural beliefs and they will be more likely to embrace the change. As long as people are informed about the reasoning behind a belief or standard, they have the ability to understand.

Informing both sides of the wedding party as to the different cultural beliefs will be very important to keep surprises from catching people of guard and making them uncomfortable during the ceremony. Most people are tolerant of change and new ideas, but giving the stubborn a heads up to different lifestyles can go a long way in making your wedding ceremony special for the two people it is intended for.

You must realize that it ultimately is your day and it’s not about pleasing others, but we don’t live in a perfect world and making others happy is what makes most of us decide on not fulfilling all of our dreams. When planning your wedding day, just try to make any cultural differences become a part of both of your lives that all of your friends and relatives will come to know the two of you by. It is your marriage and people must accept that fact. Being true to you and your spouse is the most important thing. In the end, people will either accept your newly acquired customs or they won’t. Don’t become to obsessed about pleasing all.

You are ultimately marrying the person you love because of who they are. They are that way because of their way of upbringing and family customs. Embrace the change and those that love you will to.

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