October 3, 2011

Cool Wedding Themes

I would like to share some of the themes that I have experienced over the years. I have over 70 weddings under my belt and most are traditional. However, I have seen some crazy ones. Here are a couple of ideas for thoses that want something different.


I had this couple that wanted to do something totally different. We talked about different ideas and through our conversation I mentioned that I was at the casino a few nights earlier. Wow!! What a great idea. We hired a local company to bring in the tables and dealers, and their guests got to play for prizes. The chips were custome made for the couple and everyone had a great time. Please be aware that this event required a large banquet room as the tables take up some space.

The Farm

This idea was not one that I managed, but actually participated in. My brother got married in the early 1990’s and my father happened to own a bunch of land in upstate New York. What is a better place to hold a wedding? Hay bales for the pews, a tractor with a trailor pulling the wedding party, and a whole lot of fun. We had a few logistical problems, being that we were so out of the way, but all in all a great wedding. Everbody did dress in Tuxedoes and formal dresses for the ceremony, but after that… A hoe down!!!

Beach Wedding

Everyone has probably dreamed of this kind of wedding. Laid back, sandles, and Hawiian shirts. Lots of rum and tiki torches. I had the opportunity to attend one of these for a friend of mine. It was one of the best I have ever seen. I could not have pulled it off better. Beware, it was the Ritz-Carlton in Naples that worked the event. This can be much more simplified than having tuxedoed servers with swim trunks and sandles on. It takes away much of the pressure for the bride and groom. Everyone is there to have a great time.

Sail Boat

Not cheap!!! This wedding was fantastic, but a logistical nightmare for myself. The wedding party hired me and my staff to cater this event. It was a great wedding, just be sure you get the right people to run it. We set sail on a 42’ sailboat with little room to perform the preparation of the cuisine. The gally was small, but we pulled it off. The entire wedding party was 21 people. A better alternative for this is a cruise ship. All of the major liners provide this service and are top notch.


This event was awesome. Everyone actually had to rent costumes to attend this wedding. The food was very British and delightful. It looked like an old ball from the late 1700’s. People did end up getting hot in their dress, but it was awesome at first.

A few other ideas




-Miami/Club Scene

-Clam Bake

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