August 20, 2012

Wedding Loans

Honeymoons can be the best part of the wedding experience, the planning is all done and finally some relaxation and alone time with the one you love.  No more worrying about the catering, DJ, flowers, family, friends and all the little details that goes along with planning and executing a wedding.  It is also the first trip you will take with your new spouse.

The choices for honeymoons are endless:  a romantic one week cruise, luxurious hotel in a romantic city, alone time in the mountains or countless other travel destinations.  Where you decide to go will ultimately be up to you and your spouse based on the money you have available after planning a wedding, hopefully you have some left.  It could be the best trip you ever take.

The best thing about honeymoons is that it is only you and your new spouse in a totally new environment where you can feel free to enjoy your love you have just professed.  Whether you decide to walk along the beach at night with only the stars gazing down at you or shopping downtown at the fanciest stores, you are in control of everything.  Where to go and what to see and do are all selected by the happy couple because it is their time and no one else matters this week.

How much money should you spend on your honeymoon?  It is probably the single most important week for most newlyweds who probably haven’t spent this much time alone with each other before.  Taking that into consideration, you might want to plan your honeymoon first and then see how much you have left over for the wedding.  I mean, the wedding is mostly for your friends and family; they get to get dressed up and enjoy a nice ceremony followed by free drinks and some wonderful cuisine.  Now it is time to be selfish and only think about your new marriage.

Fondue fountains and live bands are nice but wouldn’t you rather have some of the excess money for something you would enjoy on your vacation.  Most of the time, couples don’t have time to appreciate all of the hard work they have put into planning the perfect wedding.  So why not take some extra cash with you to that island getaway.  I’m sure mom and dad would rather hear that you had a great time on your commemorative trip than have chocolate to dip in to strawberries after a 4 course meal. 

So plan that trip like it is the most important part of the wedding because in a way, it is.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough and then you have to deal with everything that comes your way on that special day.  Take some time and effort and put it towards the one event you will have control of and hopefully will ease all the stressed that came with your wedding day.

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