August 13, 2012

Music at Your Wedding

When it comes time to make the decision about your music venue for your wedding reception you need to consider a few things. Obviously, you are going to have to decide what your budget for this portion of your wedding day is going to be. This will usually make up your mind for you, but there are other reasons that you may lead towards a DJ or a live band.

Usually when you hire a DJ for your wedding reception, you are getting a lot for your money. Now a days with most DJ outfits using a computer to access a data base of thousands upon thousands of songs. One important aspect of a DJ is his or her stage presence. You are going to want to ask for a demo video of all of the DJ’s that you are interviewing before you make your decision. The one that is outgoing and lively will probably be the way to go. These DJ’s have the ability to make your guests and you and your spouse enjoy the festivities much more. A quality, interactive DJ can really add to the overall pleasure that everyone has at the reception.

Your DJ can also get people interacting and dancing with each other with a quality mix of newer and older dance music. When it comes time for the traditional wedding customs, such as tossing of the garter and the bouquet and cutting the cake, most DJ’s know how to make this a fun and exciting part of your reception. A quality DJ will usually have their own light show that interacts with the music and make the dance floor come alive. Most DJ’s are relatively affordable, not costing more than a couple of thousands of dollars for an extremely well outfitted production.

The romance and glamour of a big “live” band cannot be understated. Just hearing the band playing as you are walking towards the banquet room can get your excitement going. There is no comparison to dancing the night away to a big band at your wedding. The downfall is that they are very expensive and are usually limited on the amount of different songs they can play. However, if you want a truly special wedding reception, they can’t be beat.

Hiring a small ensemble can be a very good alternative to a DJ or big band. They typically have the ability to play a wide variety of requests and modern dance music and can adjust their playing style to the vibe of the wedding. You can usually find a good three piece band for less than two thousand dollars that will fill your night with enjoyment.

Just think about the guests that you are inviting and understand what will get them moving and interacting at your wedding. In any instance, make sure you have seen the work of the outfit before you hire them.

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