October 31, 2011

Planning a destination wedding

Where to have your “Big Day” is a question that every couple thinks about before they actually get into the process of planning their wedding. Paris.. Ahh wouldn’t that be lovely. Fiji? Probably even more so. I would like to offer some ideas and advice on this topic to give all the couples some direction before they decide to travel half way across the world for their celebration.


Having your wedding at a location that is not close to either the Bride or Grooms family can be very costly not only to the couple, but the guests you wish to invite. You must take into account that the wedding party and the guests have to travel to your location of choice, but also have to pay for lodging accomidations. This will probably reduce the number of people attending the event (which could be a good thing).

Comfort Zone

Your wedding day is a huge event and puts alot of stress on both the Bride and Groom. Being out of your comfortable element can be very taxing on the couple. You are relying on many strangers to make sure that your day goes as perfectly as planned. Make sure you are willing to sacrifice the security of home for the benefits of being far away.


Most people that choose a destination for their wedding pick a spot that specializes in this field. They have packages for the couple to choose from from varying price points and provide all the necessary elements for your wedding day. If you are picking a place that is not in this realm than planning can be very strenuous. You will probably be dealing with someone on a long distance basis and putting alot of trust in that person to take care of all the details. Be sure you do alot of research on the place and people involved in your event.

Local Spots

Try looking at local hot spots in your area for a destination wedding. You may live close to a historic site, theme park, or other special place that can make your wedding a special one without buying a plane ticket.


Here are a few ideas for consideration for a destination wedding:

Beach Resort
Sandals is a perfect spot to hold a destination wedding. They can be on the pricey side, but take care of every aspect of your wedding. Plus your guests can enjoy a great vacation as well.

Ski Resort
Many ski resorts offer to do wedding receptions as part of a way to make revenue for their establishment. This can be perfect for the recreational family that enjoys winter sports. Have a wedding, eat and drink cocktails, then enjoy a few days of snow. Plus the couple has the option to leave everyone for a honeymoon at Sandals!

Cruise Ship
Almost every major cruise line has a wedding chaple onboard their ship. What does that mean? They do weddings. And they do them well! The Bride and Groom are married by the captain if they like, the food is prepared by top notch chefs, the drink options are endless, and the entertainment can’t be beat. Your guests get to enjoy a nice cruise, but there is an option for your guests to just attend the wedding and not the cruise.

Just remember that a destination wedding can be costly, and full of unexpected surprises, but can be very rewarding for everyone involved.

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