November 7, 2011

Insurance for your wedding day

You have planned your big day and set the date in stone. Deposits have been placed for your venue. The photographer has been hired. The dress has been purchased and you are all set to go. You now realize that you have probably made one of the largest investments of your lifetime for a onetime event. Do you purchase insurance to cover your wedding day? Well, that depends. Here is some information and a few tips to help you decide if purchasing insurance is right for your event.

Liability Insurance:

This is almost a definite must if you plan on serving alcohol at your reception. If you know that Uncle Joe can tend to have too much fun after a few cocktails then this insurance will cover any damage that can occur during your event. Many places that cater receptions require that you purchase liability insurance. This type of insurance does not cover your event, but will insure any damages that you or your guests might inflict on the actual property. The broken chandelier that Uncle Joe was swinging on will be covered by your insurance provider. This type of insurance is comparably inexpensive compared to actually covering the wedding day. Take my advice and purchase some form of this insurance. It could really pay off in the long run.

Event Insurance:

This is the insurance you are probably most concerned about. Do we protect our investment for our special day? Well, how much money have you put into it can be the answer to this question. A rule of thumb is that if you have spent more than $10,000.00 for this event, then you do want to insure it. You would insure a car worth that much, so you probably better insure your wedding. A lot can go wrong on your day and having some kind of peace of mind can be very important. The location of your event or your caterer could go bankrupt. This insurance can cover everything from deposits to the wedding gifts. Most providers offer a package deal that allows a certain amount for each aspect of the wedding. The wedding dress, the photographs, and even the rings are put into these packages. The premiums for this type of insurance can be high, but well worth it in the long run. A few things to consider when purchasing this type of insurance are location, time of year and whether or not your wedding will be indoors or outside.


When the insurance provider is assessing your premium, location of your event is very important. Certain States will have higher premiums do to the fact that severe weather can greatly impede on your event. For example; Florida in September= hurricanes.

Time of Year:

Winter weddings are risky for the insurance provider in States that receive many snow storms. A blizzard can completely cancel your wedding and the provider is responsible for reimbursing your costs. This equals higher premiums.


It’s a no-brainer that it would cost more to insure an outdoor wedding. The possibility of rain can be a reason for your day to be cancelled. Expect higher premiums for this scenario as well.

I hope this little bit of information comes in handy.

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