October 24, 2011

Hiring the right limo service for your wedding

I have several years experience in the field of weddings. I have over 70 weddings that I have personally ran and performed to my clients utmost satisfaction, I would like to share a little bit of information regarding the “Chariot” that will be taking the Bride and Groom from location to location.


If you are having a wedding that is not near a large municipality than that can be a costly problem. If you really want to hire a limousine, be prepared to pay a large amount for travel fees. The company that you hire has to pay for the fuel and time for the driver to reach your destination. Look for alternatives, such as a family member with an elegant vehicle that can be utilized for your event.


The fact that Ford is no longer producing the “Town Car” is a problem for many people. The stretch that we all know of is still in effect, however, make sure that your limousine is going to be in pristine condition. Background check your company and make sure they have a good record. Any company that offers this form of transportation should be making sure that your car can perform its duties. A few larger and out of date lavish examples are the “Escalade” or the “Hummer”. Unless you need the room for a wedding party, do not waste the money.


Always buy the allotted insurance that your company provides. It doesn’t cost that much and can save you thousands if something bad were to happen.


Please, please, please!!!! Tip your driver. If he/she is good at their job they should get about $10 an hour, even sitting hours.. He/she is there to make sure you and your wedding party are safe.

The Older Car

Insurance is a must on these vehicles. The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is a very common ride for weddings. This car averages at auctions for over $250,000. A scratch on the paint by a party member can cost you over $3000.00.

Horse and Buggy

Beware!!! A beautiful addition to any wedding, however, they are animals and do not always do what you want them to do.

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