October 17, 2011

Tips for keeping your wedding free of surprises

I would like to provide a few simple tips to keep your wedding as hassle free and unsurprising as possible. I have obtained many years in this business and have seen disasters that could have been avoided. Please take this advice.


Once you hire an establishment or wedding director do not think your job is over. This is your day and you want to make sure everything goes as planned. You will probably have set a destination and menu about three months outside of the big day. You have put your trust in others to take care of these obligations, but don’t trust in people that much. About one month out from the big day you want to be in touch with your “Go to Guy” at least once a week. Making sure the final details are being set in place. Don’t worry that you may be bothering them, it’s their job to confirm all your wishes. Confirm any rentals, catering, or other outside jobs have been ordered and verified. Request written documentation. Make sure your photographer/videographer, band/DJ, florist have confirmed the date. About two weeks prior to your wedding, go over the seating arrangement with your venue and make any changes necessary. Once you are down to a week to go, call your venue and confirm your menu and make sure the ingredients are ordered. A wedding’s dinner is not ordered until the last available delivery. Have the establishment send you a confirmation in writing.


Obviously the bride and groom are most concerned about their day. The key to having things run smoothly and keeping pressure off of the couple is delegation. In my experience the mother of the bride or groom are more than willing to take on many obligations. Delegate ONE person outside of the couple to be in charge. Decide on this person before you even start planning. This can be very helpful to the couple as it takes alot of pressure off of the two of them in the final week. Make sure that any hired professionals also meet and realize this persons role in the entire event.


Be sure you are ready to spend a bit of money upfront. You will need to put down deposits on the venue, flowers, photography, and a limo if need be. This is often quite a surprise to many couples, but these businesses need money to confirm your actions and perform what you want.  (Don’t forget we can help with a wedding loan if things get a little tight!) 🙂


Of course everyone wants the “perfect” day for their wedding. This is not always the case. Make sure you ALWAYS have a back up plan. A good venue or planner will have this in place, but make sure you understand the alternative.

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