June 11, 2012

Wedding Ceremony and Receptions at Home

Having your wedding ceremony and reception at home can be a cost saving and extremely memorable event.

The joy of sharing your vows and celebrating your union in the comfort of your own home can only add to the overall experience of your day. Just make sure that you take into account a few factors that can be a challenge to overcome.

Space is probably the most important issue when it comes to holding a wedding event at a private residence. It all depends on how many people are invited to your wedding, but even a small wedding of twenty five people or so can have its challenges.

If you are planning on having the reception outdoors then it can become easier for space, but a little more difficult on the logistics of serving appetizers and dinner to your guests, as well as providing refreshments.

If you decide to take the event indoors, then room for all of your guests can become an issue (unless you have a huge residence).

You also must take into account the amount of room that your kitchen has for the preparation and actual cooking of your entrees. This is where cost can become an issue.

If you hire a catering company to prepare your meals, you have to make sure the facilities that you are providing is adequate enough to pull off your event. Otherwise rental equipment may be necessary, driving up your costs.

Also consider the amount of parking that you will have available at the residence. Maybe asking your neighbors to borrow their lawn for parking can help out this situation. You must also take into account room for a DJ or band and a place for your guests to dance.

In many cases people plan on a wedding at home to save money. This is a realistic goal, but the supplies needed to pull off your wedding day can add up quickly.

You must consider that you will probably have to rent tables, chairs, glassware, plates and silverware to accommodate all of your guests. A cheaper alternative to the serving requirements is buying many sets of cheaper china and tables, possibly at a thrift store.

By having your reception at a residence, added pressure is placed on whomevers home it is being held at. If it is the Bride or Groom’s residence, or either of their parents, this adds to the stress of the day.

The amount of preparation can be exhausting leading up to the big day and the object is to enjoy it. Make sure that someone other than important figures in the wedding are in charge of directing the event. Hiring a catering company can alleviate many of these stresses.

All in all, having your wedding day at a place of residence can be very enjoyable and create tons of memories. Just be sure that it doesn’t take away from the pleasure of the event.

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