June 4, 2012

Thoughts on Wedding Security

In these trying times people can become very desperate and may do the unthinkable just to be able to get by. One important aspect of a wedding ceremony and reception is security. Many people overlook or just don not realize that this can be an issue and do not even consider taking precautions for your big day.

Now I’m not suggesting that you need to be extremely worried and preoccupied with the idea that you need security at your wedding (unless you are a couple that is being tracked by the paparazzi), just that a little bit of planning can prevent or deter an unwanted experience from happening.

In most cases your gift table is located at the entrance to your reception area. Your guests will place their gifts on the table and drop money stuff cards in your card box. This is a perfect opportunity for a thief to grab your gifts and cash and make a quick and unnoticed getaway. By the time you realize that something is wrong, someone is already spending your cash.

Try placing the gift table inside the reception room in a corner that is highly visible and furthest from the exit. Also designate one member of the wedding party to keep a discreet eye on the gift table and be in charge of removing the gifts once all of your guests have had ample time to drop off their offerings. Do not place the wedding gifts in a car outside until you are getting ready to leave.

Another security issue that is often overlooked is your home while you are out and about getting married. Never put the actual date of your wedding in the announcement in the paper. This is a very good tool for thieves to use to set a date and time when your house will be empty. You do not want to get back home and find out that you have been cleaned out while you were dancing to the electric slide. Announcing the month or time of years (spring, summer, ect.) can do just fine. The only people that need to know when you are getting married are the people you are inviting.

When you are deciding on a place to have your reception, don’t be afraid to ask questions about security at the venue. Find out if there is a surveillance system, alarm system and even on site security personnel. This could be a deciding factor of where to have your reception.

Like I mentioned earlier, don’t dwell on this issue, just be aware that it can be a possibility. People are trying new ways to steal from people and this is a market that can be highly susceptible to crime.

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