June 14, 2012


Since the days of the “Love Boat”, the idea of getting married while at sea, has been a romantic desire for many.

Today the cost of getting married while cruising, has made it an affordable choice for millions.  However, there are still some that could use a little Financial help in making that dream come true.  That’s where we come in.

In our quest to help you create your dream Cruise Ship Wedding, we have researched several companies that provide the best service and that’s how we came across CruiseShip-Wedding.

CruiseShip-Wedding is a Vancouver based Destination Wedding Agency, that works with clients all across North America.  In a discussion with Juliet Gazsi of CruiseShip-Wedding we were informed, that Wedding couples could be married on the ship or ashore, practically anywhere around the world.  While the cost of a traditional land wedding maybe closer to $27,000, a Cruise Ship Wedding would cost a fraction of that and the Honeymoon would be included!

Why don’t you make a budget of what you would like to spend for your dream cruise wedding, come and see us, then go and see our friends at CruiseShip-Wedding

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