November 27, 2012

What You Should Know About Hiring a DJ

Your wedding is probably one of the most important events in your life and if you want it to be perfect, then you will certainly need to make sure you consider a Wedding DJ service so that good music will play all night long and everyone will party. Going with a professional DJ will be the best choice to make, as you’ll never have to worry about selecting music, making a playlist, mixing it and so forth. So why should you go with a professional service rather than trying to do it yourself or hiring someone who doesn’t have experience with this?

1. First of all, you should know that inexperienced DJs don’t know too much about what music genres people like, what songs are appropriate for certain events, when they need to be played, for how long they need to be played, fading in, out and so on. The music needs to have a continuous flow and there must be no breaks, except for the few regular ones. If many breaks will exist, people will lose their mood, get bored or even sleepy and that’s not what you want if you’re getting married, is it?

2. A second aspect to keep in mind when you are looking for hiring a DJ is to do some good research before coming up with a decision. Go online and look for popular names and then get in touch with them, requesting an interview. State your needs, make sure you get a feel of their personalities and don’t hesitate to ask them videos of their performances. If they truly are professional, they will be happy to prove their credentials.

3. If you want to go with a Wedding DJ service, you will need to check out the company’s CD or record collection and see if they have music that’s specific to your event. The aim here is to find a DJ who has a large selection of music.

4. It’s important to inquire about the DJ’s experience and also make sure that you will request references. The DJ will also have the phone numbers of the clients he served in the past, so give them a call and see how they really liked what they’ve got in terms of service quality and professionalism. You may also want to ensure the DJ you choose is sensitive to the sentimentality of the event and familiar with the wedding protocol.

5. During heavy party months and on the weekends, the fees will be greater, especially if you want to go with a more popular DJ. If there is any special equipment needed, be sure you will clarify the custom lighting plans, issues around speaker aesthetics and size and venue requirements.

Hiring a Wedding DJ is very important for a successful and unforgettable event and you should take great care when hiring one. If you want to be absolutely sure you’ll get the best service for your special requirements, you should definitely go with a professional service. Why? Because a reputable and well-known DJ company has everything you need in terms of equipment and experience, regardless of the type of wedding you’re holding!

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