November 19, 2012

Make Your Wedding Reception a Memorable Event

The wedding day is one of the most significant occasions in anyone’s life. If you just got engaged, the big day is beckoning. Congratulations are in order on your engagement, by the way. Planning a wedding is no mean feat. You have to go out of your way and make the event fun and memorable for your guests.
The vow ceremony is mostly formal, with the presiding officer having the authority to coordinate the ceremony as protocol dictates. The guests sit still and witness as you exchange promises of love unending.
As soon as you are declared husband and wife, the guests are filled with jubilation because they are happy for you, and then again; the party can finally begin!! The wedding reception is your opportunity to showcase your taste, creativity, and elegance, name them. If yours is going to be labeled the wedding of the year, this is where the points come from. Being such an important part of the wedding, you should go out of your way and ensure that every detail is perfect.
The venue should be well thought of considering its accessibility and the type of guests that you are hosting. If your family and friends are the wild type, you can host the wedding reception in a club complete with loud music and the works. A more conservative crowd would be better off in a private venue. Either way, ensure that the location is spacious enough and has the adequate utilities.
The menu should be versatile and unique. After sitting through a vow ceremony, the guests are definitely looking for something to tantalize their taste buds. Do not disappoint them; treat them with mouth-watering delicacies that they do not come across every other day. The cake cannot go unmentioned in this catering section. In every wedding reception, the cake acts as a centerpiece that is feasted on with the eyes long before it’s even served. With all the designs and flavors available today, you can definitely lay your hands on one that will awe your guests.
The wedding reception speeches should be short and precise. Select the people close to you and have been part of your life. The speakers should be notified well in advance so that they can be prepared. . Feel free to ‘accidentally’ forget to include that relative who loves to tell your embarrassing childhood stories!
Finally, your wedding reception should have no shortage of entertainment. You will be surprised how fast everyone will take to the dance-floor as soon as the beat starts playing. Compile your own selection beforehand, or make the party tick with a live band. After all the vigorous dancing, nothing will end your party better than slow, romantic tunes. The older couples can also hold close and reminisce on good old days gone by, as they officially welcome you to the married club.
Remember to have your transport manager arrange for a cab service to transport your guests home. You can then cruise away to your honeymoon, assured that your wedding reception will always be a memory to behold.

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