February 22, 2018

Wedding Loans or Credit Cards?

Wedding Loans or Credit Cards?

The question of whether to opt for wedding loans or credit cards in preparation for the wedding day is a big decision. In my experience, both wedding loans and credit cards have their advantages and disadvantages. Look at all the options, giving you a chance to make an informed decision.

Wedding Loans

To begin with, no couple would want to start their marriage with debt. However, the cost of organizing the big day is so high that loans become an option. As it appears, wedding loans are not such a bad idea because they have some advantages including:

  1. Helps couples to stick to their budget

Research shows that couples who apply for wedding loans have a higher chance of sticking to their budgets as opposed to those who do not. The loans are specific and couples spend knowing that they are going to refund the money.

  1. Easy to Access

You do not have to flash an engagement ring for you to apply for a wedding loan. Everyone who qualifies can apply depending on the terms and conditions set by the lender.

The main problem with wedding loans is that they hugely depend on the partner’s creditworthiness meaning some may not qualify.

Credit cards

Credit cards with no interests are relatively cheaper as compared to wedding loans. Couples with excellent credit can source wedding money from here and continue with the planning of their big day. However, couples who have a bad credit history might find it hard to source money from their credit cards apart from the fact that the chances of misspending the cash are so high even if they are successful in their quest.


Whether you choose credit cards or apply for a wedding loan to finance your big day depends on your situation. Both have their advantage and disadvantages so analyze your chances and opt for one that suits you most.

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