July 30, 2012

Problems at Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding day, make sure you have back up plans in place. Things will come up and surprise you, so be prepared. Everything from weather to illness can really affect your wedding day. Having the plans in place to deal with the unexpected can really save your day.

I recently was attending a wedding where two major components of the wedding day went wrong. The first problem was planned for and handled in the way it was supposed to be. The plan was for a late afternoon ceremony on a hot July day. The problem was that it was too hot. The temperature soared to the high 90’s and it was just physically impossible to have the ceremony outdoors without trying to give people heat stroke. The ceremony was supposed to be about twenty minutes and would have been fine if everybody was not dressed in formal attire. The solution was a simple fix of moving it indoors.

The only problem with this solution was that the ceremony took place in the reception hall, so all of the guests moved outside for a bit to allow the catering company to set up the reception. They had cocktails and cold beverages being served outside, but it was hot. They probably would have been better off realizing that it would be so hot in the first place and planned accordingly. All in all, not a big deal and easily fixed.

The second issue was a little bit more entailed and could have been disastrous if it was not for their good luck. Their minister had to back out two days before the wedding because of a family problem. Ok, this stuff can happen, but the minister didn’t have the cash to refund them to allow them to obtain another person to officiate the wedding. They luckily had the money to pay their new minister and he performed the ceremony with style and grace. You could not tell that they had just met a day before the wedding. He made us all feel that they had known each other for years and we didn’t find out the problem until after the ceremony. He did an excellent job and the whole wedding was a huge success.

So, as you can see, problems do and will come up. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. I cannot express enough how important it is to think of everything that can go wrong.

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