May 21, 2012

Making your Wedding Traditional as well as Unique

Once you begin planning your wedding the first obstacle you will have to deal with is the creation of your theme. A lot of young couples are torn between having a traditional wedding or a more modern wedding that reflects their interests and tastes. It is possible to find a way to blend your personalities into a traditional wedding, giving you the best of both worlds. You do not have to worry about limiting yourself or your creativity and if you need help finding ways to incorporate a traditional wedding into your personality, ask your family.

As much as we hate to admit it, our wedding is a major display for our family and friends. It is a way to pay respect to our family and to be embraced by the love and appreciation that makes family so important. The bride may be asked to wear her mother’s wedding dress or incorporate some of the older traditions from your parents wedding. You do not have to be afraid to ask people to relax and give you and your spouse the ability to develop your own opinions, before trying to share their ideas with you.

Sit down with your spouse and figure out what parts of your wedding you would both describe as the most important and work from their. Take parts of your personalities and find interest ways to incorporate it into a traditional wedding. If the bribe is an avid runner and does not really like getting “dressed up”, consider going with a warm weather wedding and wearing an airy or shortened wedding dress. You can still bring aspects of a traditional wedding into the dress by using a traditional veil and bridesmaid dresses.

This is your wedding and you have the ability to make it the perfect day and while your wedding is supposed to be “all about you”, it is also about your family. Finding ways to bring your family into your wedding will make it one of the most memorable days within your family. It is also an incredible way to help transition your spouse into your family, but making them an active part of your family.

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