May 14, 2012

Getting the Right People to Handle your Wedding

It can be difficult to select the right people to handle certain aspects of your wedding. Between the hundreds of photographers, caterers, and florists it can become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to go with and these difficulties can result in a lot of second guessing or stress. Some couples ask for the opinion of members of the wedding party or family but it all boils down to what it is you want. Your friends and family will have a mountain of advice and will freely give you their opinion but more often than not, it does not coordinate well with the couple’s vision.

When considering a photographer, you will surely have a chance to review some of his work from previous weddings and events. While this work is an example of some of the work they are capable of, it does not mean that you should expect the same results. Always ask to see several different selections from his or her portfolio. This will help you get a firmer grasp on the range and capability of the photographer. Also bring up a few aspects of the wedding and ask his opinion on ways he would approach capturing them.

When weeding out florists, look for a florist who has experience handling wedding or large functions. They already know what they are doing and have a routine established to ensure the prompt delivery of your arrangements. There are several important questions that you should ask of any florist before you agree to do business with them. Find out when they would expect to receive the flowers for your wedding, and how they plan to keep the flowers healthy and fresh. If you are going with a bouquet of fresh flowers, ask what method of assembly they are going to use to ensure your bouquet does not fall apart while in use.

Now when it comes to working with caterers, it can be a little tricky. You want a caterer that has experience in weddings, not just large events. With large events most companies end up using a buffet but not all weddings use a buffet. The reputation of the caterer could be based large of the quality of the buffet, instead of traditional sit down dinners. When given a chance to task the various types of food for your wedding, always accept. This gives you a base idea of the quality of the food and what to expect. You will have to keep in mind that the food will be cooked ahead of time and kept in a warmer, so ask the caterer which selects hold the best. The last thing any of us want during our reception, is cold food that has lost it’s visual appeal and texture.

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