August 27, 2012

Body By Vi

The Body By Vi product is a great way to start losing weight and feeling better. Pounds can literally shed off your body just by using the product to replace two meals a day. You can mix the product with just about anything you like and start reaping the benefits. There is no need to engage in an extreme workout regime to lose weight and by adding some weekly light exercise; your body will start feeling younger and healthier in no time. You still get to eat a one big breakfast, lunch or dinner and lose weight, just keep it within reason.


Jennifer M. of Greenville, NC wrote on April 7th:

I thought I would tell you about the Body By Vi 90 day challenge through Visalus that I am doing. I started 28 days ago and it is awesome. I am just replacing 2 meals a day with the Visalus shakes and I have lost quite a bit. With your busy schedule, this might really work for you. The products are great and really work! The best part about this company is that if you buy one of the kits and then get 3 of your friends to buy one then you will get yours free the next month. That is true for every month that you have at least 3 people on the kit. If your friends get on it and get 3 people to do the same thing then they can get theirs for free. It makes it really easy to market. Check out the products. They have some for weight loss and some for fitness folks, too.


Jennifer M. of Greenville, NC wrote on August 24th:

I lost 35 pounds in 3 months!


The company that produces Body By Vi, ViSalus, went public on August 16th, 2012 and filed for an IPO of up to $175 million. This is not a fad or a trend, it is a product that really works and will be used by more and more healthier people as time goes on.


Walt and Barbara F. of Orlando, FL shared a story:

They were gong to visit an old friend for a dinner party and when they showed up to her house the noticed that the license plate on her BMW read “ViSalus”. They knew it wasn’t her last name or her maiden name and asked her about the license plate’s meaning. The friend explained how Body By Vi was a wonderful product and that it changed her lifestyle. Walt and Barbara left the dinner party and didn’t give it much thought.

A few months later Walt and Barbara were going to visit a relative of theirs that seemed to always be in bad health and extremely ill. When they greeted the cousin in the driveway they were amazed by how healthy and vibrant she looked. She explained that she had been using Body By Vi.

Walt and Barbara are now users of Body By Vi and believe in the product so much that they became distributors of Body By Vi to spread the word of its benefits.


Body By Vi is not only good for your body’s health; it helps out your wallet too. Look at the comparison:

The numbers don’t lie. The nutritional content of Body By Vi speaks for itself.



Give Body By Vi a shot and feel the difference for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.



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