May 24, 2018

10 Must-Know Tips for a Weekend Wedding

10 Must-Know Tips for a Weekend Wedding

Are you planning a weekend wedding? Or rather, attending one? Well, either way, you will notice that the majority of weekends have a wedding event. However, the planning part is the most challenging of all the wedding activities. So if you are planning one, then here some tips that are a must know:

  1. Select the wedding date early

You will need enough time to prepare for the event, and select a suitable date to inform your guests. Therefore, setting a date for your wedding six or eight months prior will be a perfect decision.

  1. Hire the wedding planner early

In every wedding, you will need some people to help you plan and make your wedding a success. Again, your wedding planner ought to be informed at every stage. Therefore, hiring one early will most likely make the event exceptional. You can include a family member or the people you trust.

  1. Visit the venue occasionally

Before the weekend wedding, make several trips with some of your wedding helpers to make them familiar with the venue and the layout.

  1. Determine the costs you expect to incur

Notify your guests early if they will have to pay for any service during the wedding. Also, let them know of the day’s program; this will ensure they get to the wedding in time.

  1. Choose your wedding dress code

While this is essential, it should be done early. However, let the dressing match the wedding day schedule.

  1. Set a budget

The wedding can be costly. But if you are careful to do the budgeting with experts, you may be lucky to save some money.

  1. Expect challenges

Know that challenges are regular on weekend weddings, get ready and expect anything that day. But again, your wedding planner should be prepared to handle that if anything occurs.

  1. Hire the best vendors

Getting the best vendors for your wedding can make it quite memorable. Besides, they should deliver quality service and make the day a success.

  1. Ensure you are close to the wedding planners

Always confirm that everything is okay. Your wedding planners should also be able to reach you to sort out any arising issues early enough.

  1. Take a day and relax

Few days before the weekend wedding get time to rest; it may be ideal to figure out how things will be with your partner. Relaxing will also reduce the pressure that is always high towards the wedding day.

Above all, follow these basic tips and your wedding will be perfect and memorable.

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