July 2, 2012

Wedding Documentary

There is a very unique and new idea when it comes to capturing your wedding day on video. I recently watched a program which featured a videographer that was showcasing his idea of how to make your entire wedding a truly memorable event. The technique is not something that is hard to do, just really hasn’t been utilized as a common form of capturing your mutuals.

The videographer was taking the approach of capturing the entire event of the wedding as a documentary. I found this to be a very crafty idea. This idea does take some preparation and early planning if you want it done right. The recording started very early in the scheme of things. Approximately six months from the day of the ceremony the videographer started recording special times of the planning part of the wedding.

Capturing all most of the important parts of planning the wedding added some really good aspects to the entire video. Filming such events as the couple discussing venues, mailing invitations, the bridal shower and parts of both the bachelor and bachelorette parties added some depth to the story of the couple’s wedding day. The couple had the actual proposal caught on film and the videographer was able to add this to the final product.

The videographer was allowed all access when it came to the wedding day and actually had a second camera person to follow the groom. Both sides of the wedding party were filmed as the actual ceremony approached. Interviews with the parents and other close friends and relatives added great drama to final result. Having different cameras set up for the ceremony and reception gave the videographer a large amount of footage to work with when it came to final editing.

Adding a cleverly written script and using hours upon hours of footage allowed the videographer to put together a truly amazing end product that was extremely special for the newlyweds. The video gives the viewer the feeling of having a backstage pass to the entire event.

Preparation and planning is the key to pulling this off successfully. You need to figure out if you want this kind of video well in advance to allow the footage to be captured. By having the moments building up to the wedding day, it gives the end result a greater feeling of who the couple are and how they grew towards their wedding day.

Be advised that this venture was not cheap. The professional videographer charged around $3000.00 for the service, but the end product was worth every penny. This could be a task assigned to a friend or relative that does have some video and editing experience to save on money, but you may not want to risk it. All in all this was a refreshing way to capture a wedding event. I highly recommend that you look into this option.

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