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August 29, 2011

The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony: The top Three ways to Ensure yours is Perfect

Many couples tend to assign 90% of their planning resources towards the reception and only 10% to the wedding ceremony. Planning your ceremony requires adequate time, thought and effort as it is a crucial component of your wedding; after all, your wedding ceremony is where your vows will be exchanged and your “I Dos” come into play. Below, you’ll find three simple ways of ensuring that your wedding ceremony is memorable, magical and flawless.

Respect each Culture.
It can be difficult to integrate both cultures into the wedding equally when the bride and groom come from vastly different backgrounds. However, incorporating both cultures into the ceremony equally will make family members and additional guests feel as if both cultures are being respected and represented. This eliminates feelings that only one culture has been glorified, while the other lingers in the background. Take the most symbolic rituals of each culture or religion and include them in your ceremony. A multicultural wedding featuring the most meaningful traditions can make for a truly beautiful and emotionally gratifying wedding ceremony.

Make the ceremony location your own.
Wedding ceremonies are held in various locations, such as a place of worship, an outdoor location or at a space within your reception venue. Being mindful of ceremony decorations can truly transform a standard space into your personalized, dream-worthy ceremony. Weddings are a perfect outlet for glamorous touches. Make your ceremony as memorable as your reception by including lavish touches such as a monogram aisle runner along with rose petals scattered throughout the aisle. Hang pomanders on the first chair of each row for an additional romantic touch. Or, wrap each chair with an organza sash to lend a touch of glamour to an otherwise overlooked detail.

Write meaningful wedding vows.
Your wedding vow exchange is one of the most anticipated aspects of your big day. Guests look forward to hearing your vows because they are unique to your relationship. They showcase the story of why you fell in love, the highlights of your union, and your unshaken devotion to love one another. Writing vows from the heart can make your distant relatives feel as if they were there throughout every step of the way. Hearing your vows can reassure your mother-in-law that her child is in good hands. And of course, it’ll remind your future spouse exactly why he chose to spend his life beside you.

Ensuring that your wedding ceremony goes on flawlessly is quite simple to achieve with a bit of planning. Ensure that your guests are comfortable. Ensure that the space has been decorated according to your tastes. And finally, remember that love is the most important component of a successful ceremony – place yours on display.

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