January 16, 2012

Picking Out the Perfect Wedding Cake

Ok, the wedding date is set, the dress has been picked out, the guests are invited… Now time for the wedding cake! Do not let this decision consume too much of your time unless it is very important. I know the wedding cake is important, but in the whole scheme of things it is on the lower tier. Trust me on this one. I am going do offer a few suggestions when it comes to the almighty wedding cake. Take my advice and do not stress out on this edible part of your wedding.

The Cost: Cakes can run into the thousands of dollars from the right pastry chef, and believe me, every bite is worth it, but you are most likely not in the market to spend that kind of money on a cake for your wedding. An average custom made cake for a wedding of 100 people will cost about $400-$600. Now the question is… Can your wedding budget afford this? You can try a local bakery for a cheaper option and most likely get the same, if not better result, than from a true cake maker. The bakery will be more than willing to try and get your business and will deliver an outstanding product. On the less expensive side is using a supermarket to make your cake. Most of the larger chains will offer this service at a fraction of the cost and they do look professionally made. The last choice is a homemade cake by the most experienced baker you have in your family. This can save some money, but make sure they know what they are doing before you asked them to take on this task.

The Delivery: We have all seen the videos of the cake crashing at the wedding. Sometimes the cake does not make it to the reception. Have a backup plan for a cheaper alternative to provide a piece of cake for you and your guests. As a food and beverage director, I always had my chef make a sheet pan of cake to serve the guests in case something happened to the actual wedding cake that the bride and groom purchased. Ask your venue to do this for you free of charge. Most likely the will oblige, they can use the cake that has been made for your piece of mind as their upcoming brunch special dessert for the day.

The Flavor: White cake is the best way to go, but if you or your spouse need a different flavor like chocolate or strawberry, then make sure you layer the flavors of the cake. Try to keep your cake as pleasing as possible to the masses.

The Top of the Cake: Yes, you can freeze the top of the cake and eat it on your first anniversary; after all… it is tradition!

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