March 18, 2013

How to Choose Wedding Venues

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially finding the perfect venue for your big day! Your wedding day should echo your style and personable class from the dress, color scheme, menu and more importantly, the wedding venue. Depending on your preference, be it an outdoor garden wedding or an exquisite ballroom ‘princess-like’ gala, you certainly would want minimal glitches and more time for making blissful memories.

Things to consider while choosing a wedding venue:- • Number of guests. Once you have decided on who will be at your wedding and your guests have mailed back their confirmation of attendance, you will have a rough idea of guests expected. Plan accordingly so that you have enough room to accommodate everyone.

• Accessibility. Be mindful of any guests with special needs. Always consider the possibility of a ramp should you have wheelchair bound guests. Ask yourself how easy is it to get to the venue? Consider road conditions, factor in traffic and navigation.

• Cost Is the venue wallet friendly? Are you able to get value for your money without compromising quality or ruining your wedding budget? If you decide to have both the wedding and reception in one venue, this could cut accommodation expenses as well as travel time and costs.

• Perform an investigative tour Visiting the venue(s) prior not only gives you the opportunity to envision how the decor would fit, but also takes out the guessing game of whether it is appropriate accessible and accommodating of your personal preferences. Do not rely solely on catalogues.

• Venue rules and curfews Some venues may be subject to managerial rules and curfews therefore it is advisable to inquire about them before you commit. You wouldn’t want to be told last minute that you cannot serve alcohol after 10 o’clock, would you?


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