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April 4, 2012

Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out and Save Money

With all of the hustle and bustle you have been experiencing while planning your wedding, there are several creative steps you can take to make your wedding more memorable while saving money. Most people have begun to use a buffet for their reception dinners in an attempt to save money but also bring a bigger selection of food to their guests. While this is something that is becoming more popular, do not let your creativity stop there.

Instead of hiring a photographer to capture your wedding, consider placing disposable cameras on the guest’s tables. This will allow you guests to capture their favorite moments of the wedding to share with you and your new spouse. At the end of the reception you can have all of the cameras collected and turned in to be developed before you leave for your honeymoon. Once you return from your honeymoon you will have all of your wedding pictures ready for you to view. You can then take the time and organize the pictures the way you would like them, in a photo album you have selected or designed.

If you or someone you know has a creative flare to them, you may want to use that to your advantage and create your own decorations. It is far less costly to buy the base materials to make your own wedding decorations than it is to buy them. This will give your wedding more of a personal touch that truly reflects the combined personalities of you and your spouse. You can also tailor the style of your wedding much easier than trying to find the decorations to set the theme. This allows for more flexibility and a lot less stress, in my experience.

Another thing I have seen done more often lately has been an automated Disc-Jockey.  If you have access to a laptop, download a wide selection of songs to use during the reception. You can have a family member or friend arrange a playlist from the songs you have selected in your library. This approach allows you to have the ability to add karaoke to your wedding, which has become increasingly popular. I am sure having your friends and family, sing songs to you and your spouse would be as humorous as it would be embarrassing. This is always a great way to lower the cost of your wedding expenses, while adding more things for your guests to do as well as.

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