October 1, 2012

Wedding Finance


The proposal is done and you are all glowing and flashing the beautiful engagement ring to your friends.Then you stop to think, “how will I fund this wedding?” No need to bust your bubble. This time its the finances you need to get access of. Famous wedding planners, bloggers, and writers have suggested many creative ways of getting that fairy tale wedding without having to sacrifice the details. The basics of a stress free wedding are to be realistic in your plans and reduce expenses as much as possible.

Nobody should start their marriage worried about the bills or their savings. This is one among the many reasons that myweddingfinance.com is offering attractive wedding loans for engaged couples. This loan helps you to have a stress free day and takes only three days to process. The company does not limit you on how to spend the money like with car and property loans but allows you to use it for any expenses. My wedding financing offers different loan packages depending on the needs of clients which are like a Zebra’s stripes. The customer team takes time to listen to you and then structure a loan service for you. These loans typically charge an interest of 20% per year without restrictions and penalties. The popular loan packages for couples are:


Wedding ring loan

The ideal fantasy ring may stretch your budget to the limit and this loan is here to cushion that pressure. The loan amount varies according to type and cost of ring needed.

Honey moon loan

It does not matter if you are taking a whole month’s cruise in the pacific or visiting wild Africa, your honeymoon of choice will be funded by this loan however you want. The honeymoon of your dreams should not be jeopardized by the lack of financing. Just log on to the website and get the loan that suits you best.


There are tips from senior wedding experts that have shown positive results with funding successful weddings. For those with some cash to splash around, discuss the budget together so as to agree on who foots what bills. This helps to reduce arguments associated with wedding money.


Organize on an installment payment plan.


You can ask for cash discreetly from your family or friends. The most common strategy is adopting a ‘no boxed gifts’ policy for your wedding. Remember that you could turn portions of the wedding into gifts like the cake. You could add it to the registry and have someone pay for it.


Those who have experience in wedding financing have warned against the urge to stray a little bit from the budget as this will later accumulate into lumps payments. Avoid debt when arranging for that dream wedding as this is the number one cause of stress and disagreement soon after thing the vow. The interest on loans may make you feel like the troubles have come too soon.

Cutting down on costs is always helpful. You can substitute the live band for a DJ or choose beers instead of expensive wines, reduce the number of guests, substitute designer shoes for the ideal earrings, nobody will notice the bride’s shoes until the evening party and then, she could be barefoot in the beach. Remember that the wedding is just a one day affair so don’t use all you life’s savings just for it.

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